Does Your Horse Sweat?

We are having record sales this hot summer for Equine Total Gold and Equine Total Gold Anhidrosis Formula.

As most of our customers know, our ETG total supplement keeps most horses sweating normally.  ETG works on anhidrosis better than anything on the market, including beer.  It reaches 60% plus of all equine sweat problems.  However, we have a special ETG anhidrosis sweat formula that reaches up to 95% of all sweat problems!  The good thing is that it normally starts working in 24-48 hours!

ETG Anhidrosis is simply a much stronger version of ETG, so you don’t need to give them both.  Most customers use a gallon of ETG Anhidrosis to get their horse sweating and then switch to ETG to keep them sweating, since ETG is cheaper than the ETG Anhidrosis.

We are running a summer $10 off special for ETG Anhidrosis!  That’s $89.95 per gallon!

So now your horse can comfortably sweat and improve 16 other proven issues with no other supplements or turning them into an alcoholic with the beer!

For more information call Bruce at 800-413-5091.  Please visit our FB page Equine Total Gold  Like & Share for a chance to win your choice of 1 gal of ETG Anhidrosis or 2 gal of ETG

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Kenny Roberts – Equine Total Gold Spotlight

Kenny Roberts is one of the top quarter horse trainers in the country! He continues to win more races and more money than any trainer in Louisiana! He is currently racing most of his horses at Evangeline Downs in Louisiana. Kenny recently appeared in the well-known magazine for quarter-horse breeders, LQHBA.

Kenny has been using “Equine Total Gold” on his racehorses for many months. He started off with a few horses on the supplement and added more and more horses. He not only uses ETG at the track but at his personal staples, on his brood mares and babies.

After noticing how much supplement Kenny was using monthly, I recently asked him, how many horses he actually had on ETG. Kenny replied, “All of them that are alive!”

This past Saturday night, November 28th, was the Louisiana Quarter Horse. $267,171 Derby, at Evangeline Downs. The Derby was for 3-yr olds already qualified and remains qualified for the 2015 LQHBA Breeder’s Derby. Kenny had 4 of the 10 qualified horses in the race. “Heza Louisiana Dash” was first, winning $118,891, “Louisiana Jambalaya” was third, winning $29,389, Jes a Fast Dasher was fifth, winning $10,687, and “B&G Fast Dash was eighth, winning $7,080. That’s winnings for Kenny and his staff was $166,047 of the total $267,171 pot!

Kenny, we are proud of you and proud to have you as a valuable customer! Keep blowing the other trainers’ horseshoes off and making us look good with you!


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Nevada RoundUp

Thanks to all our friends and customers that stopped in to see us.

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Total Gold Saves Karra Maes Girl

“I was called by Karra Maes Girl’s owner to say that she was down and colicing in the pasture. I found her near death. I only gave her EQUINE TOTAL GOLD, feed, hay, and water. I was amazed at the total health transformation of her!

Thanks EQUINE TOTAL GOLD! The first picture was taken Feb. 12 when the horse was started on EQUINE TOTAL GOLD. The second pictures was taken April 20.


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Carla’s Cats Love Total Gold

We have outside cats that we keep in our horse barn for rodent control.

We had such great results with Equine Total Gold on our horses that we decided to try Feline Total Gold on the cats.

The results were amazing!  All the cats have shinier fur, no bald spots, seem livelier, and love the taste!

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