Equine Total Gold Anhidrosis Formula for Non-sweating Horses

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Equine Total Gold Anhidrosis

This is one of the most effective sweat supplements on the market.  Our supplement is over 85% effective in getting your horse to sweat!

This gallon is a 1 month supply for an average (1200) pound horse.  Just apply 1 pump on your horse’s feed per 300 pounds of your horse’s weight.  That’s 4 pumps daily for the average horse.  If you feed twice daily, then give 2 pumps at both feedings.

After your horse is sweating, you can use Equine Total Gold.  We have found that the majority of horses continue to sweat on our regular supplement, when they start sweating.

Our Anhidrosis (sweat) formula is the best on the market. Other popular sweat formulas are less than 50% effective.

“Equine Total Gold’s Anhidrosis formula” is proven to be 85% effective and starts working in as little as a few days!!

Our Anhidrosis formula is a “beefed up” version of Equine Total Gold so you can substitute it until your horse begins to sweat. Then, continue with Equine Total Gold to keep your horse sweating!

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