Feline Total Gold

FELINE TOTAL GOLD is a patented, all natural supplement made from expeller pressed NON-GMO soybean oil, human-grade high Omega 3 fish oil, and potent natural anti-oxidants.

Use a ¼ oz pump with the quart.  The amounts of supplement given are as follows:  for a small cat or kitten, use 1 pump; a medium cat, 2-3 pumps, and a large cat, 4 pumps.

A quart will last a large cat about one month and a half.

Pump the supplement on top of the cat’s food.


Feline Total Gold Benefits

Long chain Omega 3s (DHA and EPA) greatly reduces inflammation. They are one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory. Inflammation due to arthritis, injuries, allergies, and general inflammation is reduced.
Balancing the Omega 3s and 6s in your cat’s body relieves many skin and fur problems. In addition our essential fatty acids are proven to reduce shedding and produce a beautiful healthy, shiny, and soft fur coat.

The combination of our quality ingredients can drastically reduce shedding, which is a huge benefit for inside cats. During grooming your cat swallows less of their own hair, thus reducing or eliminating hairballs. Also, Feline Total Gold aids in digestion that allows any hair swallowed to be expelled through feces.

Immune system health is a problem with many domestic cats. Our combination of quality ingredients work together to maximize your cat’s immune syste This prevents or eliminates multiple health issues.
Many cats that have been spayed or neutered tend to have urinary tract infections. The essential fatty acids in Feline Total Gold aid in urinary tract health.
Studies show that diets rich in essential fatty acids, especially DHA and EPA Omega 3s, naturally reduce depression and anxiety. Too much Omega 6s can lead to increased depression. Feline Total Gold balances Omega 3/6/9 intake and helps your cat be happier, thus helping reduce behavioral problems.
The balancing of your pet’s Omega 3/6/9 intake can reduce allergic reactions and other effects from fleas, ticks, and mites. This balance decreases excessive immune response, which reduces inflammation, discomfort, itching, and stress. Also, one of our ingredients may help resist insect infestation.

Essential fatty acids help make the cell membrane more sensitive to insulin, which helps to regulate insulin flow. Diabetes is especially a problem with older cats. Feline Total Gold helps the pancreas produce normal insulin output.

Aids Oxygen/Blood Flow to All Organs and Joints

Since essential fatty acids increase oxygen transfer, blood flow to the organs and joints is made more efficient and effective, resulting in a higher level of respiratory health and wound healing.

Our ingredients help increase calcium absorption in the stomach, which aids in bone density.
Our essential fatty acids are building blocks for the cell membrane. They aid in cell membrane stability, development, and fluid transfer of nutrients into the cell and out-going wastes. This leads to the strongest immune system possible for your cat.
Antioxidants protect your pet from environmental free radicals. Free radicals come from exposure to insecticides, pesticides, x-rays, and even ultra-violet rays from the sun. Older cats, especially, need increased protection in order to eliminate free radical build up. Feline Total Gold’s potent antioxidants protect your cat’s cell membranes and aid in the production of healthy cell reproduction. The natural preservatives in our product, insures that our product is 100% natural and free from any chemical additives.
Breeding Males – Feline Total Gold boosts the number of normally shaped sperm.

Breeding Females – Feline Total Gold helps produce kittens with strong immune systems. DHA Omega 3s can reduce premature births, increase birth weight, and gestation duration. Essential fatty acids are important for fetal brain and retinal development. When queen is using Feline Total Gold during pregnancy and nursing, the kittens are born with better immune systems and better overall development.

Omega 3s naturally regulate stomach acid secretions and increase mucosal blood flow. This provides protection from ulcers and other digestive system problems, including hairballs. Feline Total Gold also help prevent inflammatory bowel disease.