Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions our customers have asked about Total Gold Supplements.

Can I save money using Equine Total Gold?2015-09-02T17:11:26-04:00

Yes, since Equine Total Gold is a total supplement, it takes the place of multiple supplements. This multipurpose supplement produces savings of great proportions, including reduction of vet visits.

I Equine Total Gold better than the Omega 3 fish oils on the market?2015-09-02T17:10:46-04:00

Equine Total Gold has approximately 50% more Omega 3s per serving than fish oil alone. Equine Total Gold has all three chains of Omega 3s, where as fish oil has only two. The high-unsaturated fat, Vitamin E content, and other essential nutrients in Equine TotalGold greatly enhance the efficiency and absorption of our essential fatty acids.

If my horse spends time in the pasture, does my horse need Equine Total Gold?2015-09-02T17:09:51-04:00

Yes, grass contains only 2-3% fat. Most of this fat is ALA, the parent chain of Omega 3 and some Omega 6. All grain feeds are high in Omega 6 and very low in ALA, Omega 3. Your horse’s overall diet becomes over balanced in Omega 6 and can cause numerous health problems. Equine Total Gold will correct this imbalance.

Should Equine Total Gold be refrigerated?2015-09-02T17:08:51-04:00

It is not necessary, but storing in a cool, dry area away from sunlight is recommended.

Can I compete on Equine Total Gold?2015-09-02T17:08:04-04:00

Equine Total Gold is a completely natural organic formula. It is recommended that the dosage be doubled a few days prior to competition to enhance respiration, attitude, and recovery. All clubs and associations accept Equine Total Gold.

Is Equine Total Gold safe to use with other supplement and medications?2015-09-02T17:07:21-04:00

Equine Total Gold is all natural and has no preservatives or chemicals. It can be given in conjunction with medications and other supplements.

How do I feed my horse Equine Total Gold?2016-07-06T10:56:16-04:00

The serving size of Equine Total Gold for an average horse is 4 ounces daily. (1 oz. per 300 lbs.) It is dispensed directly onto feed. If you feed twice daily, split serving. Serving size can be increased for horses with specific needs or problems.