Equine Total Gold

EQUINE TOTAL GOLD is a patented, all natural supplement made from expeller pressed NON-GMO soybean oil, human-grade high Omega 3 fish oil, and potent natural anti-oxidants.

Just apply 1 pump on your horse’s feed per 300 pounds of your horse’s weight. That’s 4 pumps daily for the average horse. If you feed twice daily, then give 2 pumps at both feedings.

You will see a difference with this gallon, but you will see more positive things in the second month!

Equine Total Gold Benefits

EQUINE TOTAL GOLD is, truly, a total health supplement. The only way to have an effective “total” supplement is to begin on the cellular level to improve the animal’s health. By starting on the cellular level and balancing the animal’s essential fatty acids, “EQUINE TOTAL GOLD” does not simply battle health symptoms, as other supplements do, WE ELIMINATE THEM! It is rare and difficult to patent a supplement as a “total” supplement, but ETG is patented!

This supplement will pay for itself in three different ways:

1. ETG eliminates the need for other supplements! You may wean-off other supplements, immediately, after starting “EQUINE TOTAL GOLD”.

2. You can reduce the amount of feed needed for your horses! ETG helps the horse digest the feed more efficiently and adds healthy essential fatty acids to your horse’s diet. For example, a recent field trial for barrel horses yielded a reduction of feed from between 25 to 50%!

3. Your horse’s immune system and immune response will maximize and reduce the need for vet visits

DHA and EPA Omega 3s help reduce excessive immune response. Your horse is guarded against certain chronic problems, such as arthritis and joint deterioration. It aids in wound healing, reduces allergies, and in the general efficiency of the immune system.
Balancing of Omega 3s and 6s in your horse relieves many skin and coat problems. In addition, essential fatty acids have been proven to enhance the beauty of a horse’s hair coat.
Essential fatty acids are important in cell membrane development and stability. Omega 3s have been shown to increase the absorption of calcium in the stomach. You will see an obvious improvement in healthy hoof growth in the first month.
DHA and EPA Omega 3s, especially when combined, can greatly reduce inflammation. Both are among Mother Nature’s most potent anti-inflammatories. Cartilage destruction is reduced.
Since essential fatty acids increase oxygen transfer, blood flow to the organs and joints is made more efficient and effective, resulting in a higher level of conditioning and better stamina.
Omega 3s help increase calcium absorption in the stomach, which helps build bone density.
Stallions – EQUINE TOTAL GOLD boosts the number of normally shaped sperm and increased concentration of spermatozoa in semen.
This leads to the enhanced quality of frozen sperm.

Mares – Supplemented with EQUINE TOTAL GOLD, mares produce foals with stronger immune systems. Low PG levels are associated with
pre-mature births. Omega 3s can increase birth weight and gestation duration, leading to savings in breeding cost. DHA, one of the long-chain Omega 3s in EQUINE TOTAL GOLD, is important for brain and retinal development. Part of the retina is made up of DHA.

Essential fatty acids are building blocks for cell membrane. They aid in cell membrane stability, development and function.
Most non-sweat horses will begin to sweat in 24 to 48 hours, when given a double daily serving. In extreme cases, it may take up to a week or more.
DHA and EPA Omega 3s combined have shown signs of reducing exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) and pulmonary inflammation, thus increasing endurance.
Studies show that diets rich in essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3s, reduce depression and anxiety in horses. Too much Omega 6s can lead to increased depression. EQUINE TOTAL GOLD balances your horse’s Omega 3/6/9 intake and helps make your horse more trainable and attentive to the demands of the trainers.
Antioxidants protect your horse from environmental free radicals. Free radicals come from exposure to pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, x-rays, and even ultra-violet rays from the sun. Older horses, especially, need increased antioxidants to order to eliminate free radical build up. In addition to the antioxidants inherently found in EQUINE TOTAL GOLD, we add additional Vitamin E to further enhance your horse’s protection from these harmful free radicals. Also, Vitamin E is a natural preservative for our product, insuring that EQUINE TOTAL GOLD
is 100% natural and free from any chemical additives.
Essential fatty acids help make the cell membrane more sensitive to insulin, which helps to regulate the flow of it.
Increasing your horse’s Omega 3 intake can reduce the swelling and inflammation of insect bites by decreasing excessive immune response. Itching, discomfort, and stress are reduced.
Horses fed a high fat content, especially essential fatty acids, have less lactic acid buildup. This leads to reduced soreness and quicker recovery time from overexertion.
Omega 3s naturally regulate stomach acid secretions and increase mucosal blood flow; thus reducing the effect of ulcers.