About Us

In 2008, the initial “Equine Total Gold” formula was developed under the guidance of Dr. Walter Farr, one of the top marine and plant oil chemists, in the world and myself. I was working with Dr. Farr at the time.

The original formula was tested on many local horses and was introduced to the show and reining horse market. The benefits of our total supplement began to reveal itself.

In 2012, after improving on the original formula, “Equine Total Gold” was born. Our supplement was developed in the beginning to provide at least 6 benefits for horses. Today, our total supplement provides at least 16 different benefits for your horse! This makes ETG a true total supplement!

ETG is patented and good for all horses, but our target market is performance horses. We are very popular in the racehorse industry, both thoroughbreds and quarter horses. Our next biggest group is barrel racing, where we are growing at a fast pace. ETG is also popular in rodeo, roping, trail riding, polo, pole bending, show horses, reining, brood mare and foal health. In addition, we are very good sales prep supplement.

We also have an anhidrosis formula that may be the best sweat formula, on the market!

We believe we have an ‘outrageously effective’ total horse supplement that pays for itself!

Our canine and feline supplements are pretty special, too!

Bruce and Bettye Wofford