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The Unique Total Supplement For Maximum Health and Perfomance!

EQUINE TOTAL GOLD is a patented, all natural total supplement made from expeller pressed NON-GMO soybean oil, human-grade high Omega 3 fish oil, and potent natural anti-oxidants and vitamins.

EQUINE TOTAL GOLD is, truly, a total health supplement. The only way to have an effective “total” supplement is to begin on the cellular level to improve the animal’s health. By starting on the cellular level and balancing the animal’s essential fatty acids, EQUINE TOTAL GOLD does not simply battle health symptoms, as other supplements do, WE ELIMINATE THEM! It is rare and difficult to patent a supplement as a “total” supplement, but ETG is patented!


Your horse’s health will improve from every cell inside the body to every hair on the outside!

You will immediately see the difference in the way your horse looks and feels!

This equine supplement will pay for itself in three different ways

1. ETG eliminates the need for other supplements! You may wean-off other supplements immediately after starting EQUINE TOTAL GOLD.
2. You can reduce the amount of feed needed for your horses! ETG helps the horse digest the feed more efficiently and adds healthy essential fatty acids to your horse’s diet. For example, a recent field trial for barrel horses yielded a reduction of feed from between 25 to 50%!
3. Your horse’s immune system and immune response will maximize and reduce the need for vet visits!

Just apply 1 pump on your horse’s feed per 300 pounds of your horse’s weight. That’s 4 pumps daily for the average horse. If you feed twice daily, then give 2 pumps at both feedings.

One gallon will last the average horse 1 month.  You will see a difference with this gallon, but you will see more positive things in the second month!

We also produce Canine Total Gold and Feline Total Gold.  Every batch of Total Gold Products is laboratory tested for quality and safety. Test record codes are stamped on each container.

“Cashinmytank, “Tank” is a 5-year-old and his previous owner had trouble keeping weight on him. As soon as I bought him, I started him on EQUINE TOTAL GOLD and look at him now!! I not only got his weight back on, but I did it with less feed and hay and in half the time! Thanks ETG!”
Brandi Cutrer
“It’s truly amazing how good ETG is! My horses have done wonderful on it! Jack ‘s not coughing anymore. He’s been on it a few weeks. Rebel and Freckles have gorgeous coats, and does it ever build a body! Just Amazing!!!”
Kay Mason
“I would like to say a huge thank you to EQUINE TOTAL GOLD for your amazing product! I have seen such a great difference in my mare after putting her on this supplement. She feels better and has showed a huge improvement in shutting the clock off! There IS only so much that vets and chiropractors can do on the outside! I can do my part on the inside to help build up muscle and improve her oxygen intake!”
Amanda Engle