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Every batch of Equine Total Gold is laboratory tested for quality and safety.
Test record codes are stamped on each container.

Equine Total Gold 
The Outrageously Effective Total Supplement 

Make Your Horse Absolutely As Healthy As Possible!






The Unique Total Supplement
For Maximum Health And Performance!

Equine Total Gold is a patented
all natural supplement made
from organic pressed
soybean oil, human-grade high Omega 3 fish oil, and potent
natural anti-oxidants.


You will immediately SEE the difference in the way your horse looks, feels, and performs.  After a few months you will see cost benefits due to the elimination of other supplements, lower feeds costs, and reduced vet visits.  

Your horse’s health will improve from every cell inside the body to every hair on the outside!

Don’t Treat Health Symptoms – Eliminate Them!

Some of the benefits of Equine Total Gold include:

•Builds a strong immune system

•Builds healthy hoof, skin, and hair coat

•Significantly reduces inflammation in joints
and tissue

•Provides vital antioxidant protection

•Builds a healthy digestive system

•Increases oxygen blood flow throughout
the entire body

•Reduces anxiety and stress

•Increases attentiveness and trainability

•Promotes healthy cell growth
•Helps prevent anhidrosis

•Aids respiratory health

•Aids a healthy reproductive system in stallions and mares

•Aids proper fetus development and foal health

•Builds bone density

•Reduces effects of allergies and insect bites

•Helps regulate insulin

•Helps block lactic acid buildup